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Rory to the Rescue was established in 2016 to honor our fearless girl, Rory.

Rory was the gateway to understanding the extreme disadvantages of being an animal with medical needs, a neonate or simply an animal that doesn't have a place to call home. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate & re-home animals who have no safe place to call home.

Our primary focus is rescuing neonatal kittens who enter county shelters or are found as strays. Although they are incredibly cute, they are often only given a few hours for a rescue to step up to save them or they are euthanized since they are dependent on human intervention to survive.

We are a 100% not for profit organization entirely volunteer run. Every dollar donated goes directly into the care of these animals we take in. Please consider making a one time donation or becoming a monthly donor so we can continue to save animals who need us most.

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